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Ordering Information

We Make it Easy to Order BIOVANCE®

Your Celularity representative will help you harness the progenerative power of the amnion for your patients.

BIOVANCE is available through your local Celularity sales representative, who can guide you through your purchase and answer any questions.

To get started, please contact us at customerservice@celularity.com or call us at 1-844-963-2273.

Easy to Use and Store

Easy application and wound visualization

  • No preparation needed – No thawing, rinsing, or soaking required prior to use
  • Flexible form – Conforms easily to irregular surfaces; can be wrapped around tendons or placed between adjacent tissues
  • Bidirectional orientation – Prevents the need for specific placement of BIOVANCE on the wound; can be applied with either side facing the wound
  • Adheres without sutures – Can be fastened by all surgical means if physician chooses to do so

Convenient storage and handling

  • 5-year shelf life – Eliminates the need for preordering
  • Ambient room-temperature storage in a clean, dry environment – No refrigeration necessary

Available in 8 different sizes for application flexibility

1x2 cm
Product Code DHAM0012

2x2 cm
Product Code DHAM0022

2x3 cm
Product Code DHAM0023

2x4 cm
Product Code DHAM0024

3x3.5 cm
Product Code DHAM0035

4x4 cm
Product Code DHAM0044

5x5 cm
Product Code DHAM0055

6x6 cm
Product Code DHAM0066

Connect With Celularity

For product questions, or ordering information, please contact us at customerservice@celularity.com or call us at 1-844-963-2273.

For medical inquiries, please contact us at medicalaffairs@celularity.com